Case study overview




Britvic Soft Drinks


Manufacture, Supply and Installation of two sectional water storage tanks


2 x GRP Hot Press insulated sectional tanks c/w connections, box section galvanised base levelling steels & 1100mm H Safety Guardrail. Tank Type, Hot Press internally flanged base & externally flanged sides.


Tank 1 – 5.50m x 5.50m x 4.00m H (Semi Treated Water Tank) 121,000 Litres Nominal (actual capacity required 93,000 Litres) Tank 2 – 1 off 3.00m x 2.00m x 4.00m H (Neutralisation Water Tank) 24,000 Litres Nominal (actual capacity required 18,600 Litres) (Nominal is brim full, actual is the amount of water actually in the tank)

Tricel Solution

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THE CHALLENGE - Britvic Soft Drinks

Britvic soft drinks is a leading supplier of branded soft drink in the UK. Britvic has manufacturing operations throughout Britain, Ireland, France and Brazil. They are the principal supplier of branded still soft drinks and number two provider of branded carbonated soft drinks in Great Britain.

Britvic required two sectional water storage tanks, manufactured and delivered to their operating premises in Leeds.  The tank requirements included a semi-treated water and neutralisation water tank and a sectional water tank that would meet the company’s specific needs while minimizing disruption to their operations.

TRICEL SOLUTION - Britvic Soft Drinks

Britvic Soft Drinks – We have an expert team manufacturing designing and engineering water tanks for both potable and non-potable applications. With 60 years’ experience in the industry, we are a trusted manufacturer and supplier of water storage tanks throughout the UK and worldwide.

Two hot press insulated sectional tanks were designed and engineered to meet Britvic’s needs. The tanks were equipped with connections, box section galvanised base levelling steels, and a safety guardrail. For logistics, the tanks were delivered on September 29, and installation was scheduled with Tricel Weston’ expert onsite construction team for October 5. The selected tank type was an externally flanged panelled tank, chosen due to the availability of space for delivery and installation.



The project resulted in the successful installation of two water storage tanks at Britvic’s operating facility in Leeds. The first tank, a semi-treated water tank with dimensions of 5.5 meters x 5.5 meters x 4 meters, could hold 121,000 litres at nominal capacity and 93,000 litres at actual capacity. The second tank, a neutralisation water tank, measured 3 meters x 2 meters x 4 meters and had a nominal capacity of 24,000 litres and an actual capacity of 18,600 litres.

The installation process, including site visits, inspections, and construction, was executed over a weekend to minimise disruption to Britvic’s water supply operations. The tanks’ compliance with WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) standards was ensured, highlighting Dewey Waters’ commitment to quality and safety.

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