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GRP water storage tanks are available in a range of sizes and can be used for a wide range of domestic, commercial and industrial applications providing a durable and reliable water storage solution.

The space requirements depend on the tank type, and height. Below is an approximate guide:

  • IFB under 2m high – 500mm on all 4 sides and 750mm* above
  • IFB 2m > 3m high – 800mm on all 4 sides and 750mm* above
  • IFB 3.5m & 4m high – 1000mm on all 4 sides and 750mm* above
  • EFB under 2m high- 500mm on all 4 sides, 600mm underneath and 750mm* above
  • EFB over 2m > 3m high- 800mm on all 4 sides, 600mm underneath and 750mm* above
  • EFB 3.5m & 4m high – 1000mm on all 4 sides, 600mm underneath and 750mm* above
  • TIF – 50mm on 3 sides, 500mm on 1 side and 750mm* above

*1200mm when fitted with a Guardrail

For more information on the sectional tank clearance and installation guidelines, visit our page: Water Tank Installation Guidelines.

Please note the clearance above can be reduced to a minimum of 500mm with the inclusion of a ‘lift off kit’. The clearance around tanks over 2m can be reduced depending on site conditions. Please contact our technical sales team for more information.

Water intended for human consumption has to be stored in a potable water tank. Non-potable water tanks store process water that is not safe to drink but is used for other purposes.

The type of water tank depends on whether you need it for domestic or commercial applications. The purpose and type of water to be stored also affects the type of water tank you need to buy.

One Piece water storage tanks are an economical alternative with sizes varying from 30 litres to  12,000 litres. Our One Piece Tanks can be stored inside or placed outside.

Sectional water storage tanks are ideal for storing large volumes of water and our range of sectional tanks can hold over 1 million litres of water.

Our easy-to-use water tank calculator will help you get an accurate tank size and you will get a tank drawing included.

Nominal capacity: the volume of water in the tank when it is full to the brim.

Actual capacity: is the volume of water from the base of the water tank to the overflow.

For more information on the differences, including examples visit our Nominal vs Actual Capacity page.

Please visit our downloads section in order to view our Operations and Maintenance manual.

CPR (Construction Products Regulations 305/2011) covers products that are covered by Harmonised European Standards for example waste water treatment systems. CE marking & certification does not apply to products that are not covered by Harmonised European Standards. GRP cold water storage tanks are not covered by such a standard however we do manufacture our tanks in accordance to BS6700, ISO9001-2015 & they carry WRAS approval.

Buying base steels upfront is cheaper and contractually savvy. It results in a reduction in base related abortive visits, fewer building programmes slipping and a reduction in unbudgeted costs. Ultimately this means there is less hassle for Tricel and our customers. 

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Hot Press Sectional Tank

38mm as standard (0.57w/m2/⁰C), 50mm (0.40w/m2/⁰C) is also available.

Totally Internally Flanged (TIF) Tank 

25mm as standard (0.85w/m2/⁰C), 50mm (0.40w/m2/⁰C) is also available.

One Piece Tank

25mm as standard, 50mm (0.40w/m2/⁰C) are also available.

They are all acronyms relating to the flanges of our sectional tanks.

  • TIF – Totally Internally Flanged (all internal bolting)
  • IFB – Internally Flanged Base (externally flanged sides)
  • EFB – Externally Flanged Base (externally flanged sides)

The water tank’s lifespan can be prolonged by carrying out an annual cleaning and maintenance in accordance with ACOP L8 & HSG274. During this annual check, ensure all bolts and connections are secure.

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An AB airgap ensures that there is no backflow into the water supply. This is required to protect the mains water supply from back siphonage of a category 5 fluid application such as Process, Medical or Grey water recycling systems.

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