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Do you have limited plantroom space available for your water storage tank installation?

TIF tanks are the ideal water storage solution to maximise your water tank capacity.

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TIF Tanks Designed For Restricted Spaces

Tricel manufactures totally internally flanged (TIF) tanks with no base-to-side joints or external corner joints – making a them 100% buildable and maintainable from the inside, unlike other internally flanged or externally flanged tanks on the market.

TIF Tanks can be installed within 25mm of a wall allowing you to maximise the use of floor space available whilst maintaining the desired water storage capacity.

Our tanks come in 500mm and 1000mm lateral panel increments. However, depending on the specific customer requirements and space restrictions, we are versatile and can manufacture a 750mm panel.

TIF Tank Clearance Requirements

The totally internally flanged tank needs 50mm clearance on three sides, allowing our customers to maximise the use of floor space available. A minimum of 500mm on the 4th side and 750mm headroom space are required.

  • Minimum length and width – 1000mm x 1000mm
  • Custom tank length – 250mm, 500mm, 750mm & 1000mm panel increments
  • L-shaped tank options available for awkward spaces
TIF Tank installation

TIF Tanks For Rainwater Harvesting

With the increasing water usage, it is becoming ever more important to find ways to conserve our water sources. Our TIF tanks can be ideal for rainwater harvesting allowing our customers to reduce the strain on traditional freshwater supplies. Rainwater harvesting offers a simple yet effective solution to reduce water wastage.

GRP TIF Tank Specifications

  • Insulated or uninsulated options are available depending on the application.
  • Full range of connections/ancillary items available.
  • Twin Compartment options are available to provide continuous supply during maintenance periods.
  • The UV-stabilised external gelcoat finish
  • Internal isophthalic gel coat surface to prevent bacterial growth
  • Manufactured in accordance with BS EN13280:2011
  • HCFC & CFC free encapsulated Insulation
  • 25mm – 0.85 w/m2 Deg C
  • 50mm – 0.40 w/m2 Deg C
TIF Tank installation

NSF Approved TIF Tanks

Tricel Weston’s range of TIF tanks are all NSF Regulation 4 (1) a Approved.

As a company, we strive to continuously provide high quality & market leading water storage solutions. We are constantly updating our products and manufacturing processes to deliver the best products and services – improvements driven by legislative and market changes, as well as customer needs. 

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