The Elvaro Water Pressure Booster Sets are suitable to various settings allowing you to use them in hotels, residential buildings, office buildings, warehouses and schools. 

The Elvaro B-Range reduces the space required by combining the water tank and pump set. Contact our Tricel Lanark team for more information.

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Elvaro B-Range: Potable Water Pressure Boosting

The design of the Elvaro B enables you to save space in areas where it may be limited. A similar installation would typically have the water tank and pump set next to each other. The Elvaro B is a space-saving solution as it combines the water tank and pump set together as one water pressure booster set.

The tank is placed on a steel frame above the pumps to save space and it also enables maintenance to be carried out without shutting down the system.

Constant Water Pressure

The Elvaro B has a standard configuration that allows it automatically provide constant water pressure when it starts operating.

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Technical information

A look at the Elvaro B in more detail

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