The Elvaro T-Range is a space saving, compact tank and pump system designed to fit in restricted spaces.

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Elvaro T-Range: A Compact Water Pump and Tank System

The variable speed pumps in the Elvaro T-Range allow the water pressure to be managed according to the demand in the building. Variable speed pumps operate in a way that increases the longevity of the water systems’ pipework by eliminating water hammer effects.

Fixed speed pumps typically have a shorter lifespan because the water hammer effect is common with those type of pumps.


The Elvaro T-Range comes insulated with 25mm insulation and a sealed lid. The nominal capacity of all tanks ranges from 500 litres to 2250 litres. Customers have the option to have the CAT 5 which is the larger tank option which comes with a Type AB airgap.

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Each Elvaro T is fitted with variable speed drives that control the pumps facilitating constant water pressure. With the variable speed controls, the pumps will automatically go on/off depending on the demand.

Technical information

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