Emtec Fire Services

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Emtec Fire Services,  Blairgowrie

Industry Sector

Fire Service

Water Tank Dimensions & Capacity 

3.5m x 2m x 2m sectional tank, Nominal Capacity 2,000 Litres

Project delivered by: 

Tricel Lanark


Tricel Solution

If you have a site that requires more specialist project management or a complex design, please contact our technical sales team who will be happy to assist you. Tricel is an approved supplier of water storage solutions throughout Ireland. All our tanks manufactured for drinking water have WRAS approval and are fully certified.

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THE CHALLENGE - Emtec Fire Services

Emtec Fire Services is a UK based company offering installation and maintenance of sprinklers, dry/wet risers and fire hydrants. The company were installing a category 5 fire sprinkler tank at Eden House, located in Blairgowrie.

TRICEL SOLUTION - Emtec fire services

GRP Water Storage Tank Solution

On inspecting the tank room, it was evident that a 2,000 Litre water with an additional electrical housing unit would not be a feasible option.

Our accessor raised his concerns with Emtec in regards to space available, for a combined enclosure. It was evident that installing a 2,000-litre water tank into the requested space was not a feasible option for installation or any maintenance works to be carried out in the future.

Our technical team recommended an outside enclosure & offered technical assistance with their design creation. We offered a solution of a specialist tank enclosure which could provide our customer with a two in one solution for storing water and electrical equipment within a combined structure. This solution allowed EMTEC to house it externally whilst still being able to keep both the CWST and the pump set secure.

Our product range of GRP water storage solutions includes combined units to store the necessary electrical components required for the operation of the tank. There was adequate space outside of the building which our team utilised.

We manufactured the tank to 9001 RAL colour. This was purely an aesthetic choice due to the tank installation being installed external to the building.

The customer requested the tank colour to blend in with the buildings and surroundings at Eden House to minimise the visual impact, the darker colour with the textured finish would not look weathered over time with grime and dirt reducing the maintenance work of cleaning the tank outside due to the residential location.

Consult the experts in water storage solutions, incorrect tank specification will inevitably cause significant costs & extensive damage to property if the tank walls become comprised.

Our team specialise in water storing solutions for all industry types, Nicholson plastics have been manufacturing GRP solutions for the water industry for over 50 years and have a wealth of technical knowledge & experience.

Our technical team configure storage solutions to fit all space restrictions and have yet to find a project we cannot fulfil.

Emtec Fire Services


This is s great example of when half panels can be a perfect solution. Our manufacturing and site crews have utilised the space available to maximise the water storage capacity. Our sales, manufacturing, and logistics departments and site crews worked together alongside the college contractors to ensure that the project was completed within the time frame required. We completed the project in July 2021.

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