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August 2017


South of England

Industry Sector

Global Data Centre

Water Tank Dimensions & Capacity

Hot press sectional water storage tanks with externally flanged sides and base. 6 X 3.00 x 3.00 x 3.00 metre with a nominal storage capacity of 27,000 litres each.

Project Team

Tricel Weston

Tricel Solution

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The emergence and rapid explosion of a technologically rich world have resulted in a massive growth in data storage. Petabytes are no longer enough, Exabyte, zettabyte the demand continues to grow. With this growth, the infrastructure behind it has to keep up.

Global Data Centres have emerged to facilitates this mass explosion of data. These large-scale centres store computer systems and components, such as telecommunications and storage systems. A large data centre or global data centre is an industrial-scale operation which uses as much electricity as a small town.

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Power and cooling are two of the primary factors that a data centre cannot operate without. Dewey Waters solves part of the cooling systems infrastructure to prevent overheating.

In the past, what might have been a twin or triple tank system has now grown to a 6-tank operation to ensure a 24×7 cooling process.

Data centres use a cooling system called adiabatic cooling, which is a sustainable alternative to cooling towers. Adiabatic processes are commonly used in data centres and other facilities, it is the process of free cooling to regulate temperature. This Adiabatic process can save industries millions of litres of water, protect against Legionella and save more than 40% in electricity.

Benefits of adiabatic cooling vs cooling towers:

 Save thousands of pounds in running costs

  • Industrial water saving
  • Energy efficient cooling
  • Legionella prevention (food industries)


In August 2017 our team supplied 6 individual hot press sectional water storage tanks each sized 3.00 x 3.00 x 3.00 metre with a nominal storage capacity of 27,000 litres each.

The system requires the capacity of 3 tanks to operate, the remaining 3 tanks are backups and used as a failsafe system.

Once the new tanks were installed disaster struck in the form of a storm that uprooted a very large tree which fell on and severely damaged 2 of the tanks.

Having the 3 additional failover tanks vindicated the system design and additional investment as the system remained fully functional whilst repairs could be undertaken on the damaged units.

With a possible £1Million per day loss in revenue, not to mention any embarrassing and unwanted press attention, failure is simply not an option. Our team offer a wealth of knowledge & experience within this sector from design to installation. Speak to our technical team today to discuss your water tank requirements.

Data Centre cooling systems – emergency water supply when you need it.

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