Lundy Island

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July 2023


Bristol Channel

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Water Tank Dimensions & Capacity

HPM Sectional Tank: 40m x 5m x 1.5m

Nominal Capacity: 300,000 litres

Project delivered by

Tricel Lanark



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Our customer, The Lundy Company Ltd required a large water storage tank capable of supplying water for the whole island. This was a large undertaking due to the tank size that was required and the project time frame.


The project required our expert team to manufacture, deliver and assemble the tank on-site. The tank had to be assembled outside exposed to the elements. Planning was a big part of the project, the large amount of panels to be delivered and engineers travelling to Lundy Island. The chosen tank was a HPM Sectional Tank with the dimensions 40m x 5m x 1.5m. The tank had a nominal capacity of 300,000 litres.


Our team assembled the 300,000 litre nominal capacity, HPM Sectional Tank in a timely manner, giving our customer a clean source of stored water supplying the island. The HPM sectional tank our team assembled has been in operation for a few months now with no issues and the customer is very happy with the results. 

Lundy Island installation
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