Water Storage


Case study overview


September 2021


Fakenham UK

Industry Sector


Water Tank Dimensions & Capacity

1 x GRP LPCB Approved un-insulated sectional sprinkler water storage tank, internally flanged base and externally flanged sides, connections & box section base levelling steels.

6.0m x 3.0m x 2.0m High

27,918 Litres Effective Capacity

Project delivered by

Tricel Weston

Tricel Solution

If you have a site that requires more specialist project management or a complex design, please contact our technical sales team who will be happy to assist you. Tricel is an approved supplier of water storage solutions throughout Ireland. All our tanks manufactured for drinking water have WRAS approval and are fully certified.

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27,000 Litre Tank Installation

The client’s project was to install a 27,500 litre effective capacity sprinkler system to conform to the latest LPCB Approved certification for an SEN School in Fakenham.

Our Company have proudly held the LPS 1276-1.1 for a number of years and have been reconfiguring our tank design in advance to conform to the newer upcoming LPS 1276 issue 2.0 standard to which has now been awarded in 2022.

LPCB Approved Sprinkler Tanks

LPCB Approved sprinkler tanks have minimum configuration requirements which can on occasion be quite challenging to fulfil when not pre-planned, typically the clearance requirements. Thankfully, Premier Mist UK Ltd and their design team made this project very easy for us by providing a plan and tank layout at an early stage.


Premier Mist UK Ltd supplied our team with a water tank design and also advising that the tank is to be located externally.  Following a short review of the proposal, our team only had to make minor adjustments to the design, of which Premier Mist UK Ltd welcomed as this reduced the tank cost.


The final result

Our logistics team organised a tail lift truck from the courier to deliver direct to Fakenham. The installation of the cold water storage tank from delivery, site induction and installation, took the team 4 working days to complete.  

LPCB Approved Sprinkler Tank
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