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May 2022



Industry Sector

Sports facility

Water Tank Dimensions & Capacity

1 x GRP LPCB Approved Sprinkler Tank, Externally Located, with Immersion Heating for Frost Protection

5.0m x 4.5m x 3.0m

58,658 Litres Effective Capacity

Project Delivered By

Tricel Weston

Tricel Solution

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Vipond Fire Protection LTD’s project required the installation of a 55,000L Effective Capacity water tank, which would be used to serve a sprinkler and hydrant system, at a Sports Facility in Ayrshire. The client clarified that the Sprinkler Tank must conform to the latest LPCB Approved Certification, and thankfully Tricel Weston proudly holds the latest LPS 1276 Issue 2.0 standard.

As the tank was to be externally located, this meant that the client had ample space, and the tank dimensions could be flexible. However, it did mean that this large water tank must have be protected from any frost by using immersion heaters


When the client first began their water tank design process, they initially opted for a cylindrical water tank. However, upon researching LPCB Approved Water Tanks, they decided to explore our rectangular model. As this was an outdoor water tank, the rectangular model allowed for the tank to be placed behind low-level fencing, which would allow it to blend in with the landscape.

At the finish, the client opted for a 5m x 4.5m x 3m LPCB Approved Sprinkler Tank, which allowed them 58,658L Effective Capacity. The tank was rectangular, and as it was located outdoors, it was fitting with immersion heaters to provide frost protection.


This is s great example of when half panels can be a perfect solution. Our manufacturing and site crews have utilised the space available to maximise the water storage capacity. Our sales, manufacturing, and logistics departments and site crews worked together alongside the college contractors to ensure that the project was completed within the time frame required. We completed the project in July 2021.

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