Water Tank Replacement


Maintaining the functionality of plumbing systems is vital in commercial, industrial, and residential operations. We will discuss crucial aspects of a water tank replacement for different applications, key benefits, best practices, key considerations, and strategies for extending the lifespan of your new replacement tank.

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The Significance of a Water Tank Replacement

  • Reliability: Old and worn-out cold water storage tanks can compromise efficiency significantly. Leaks and corrosion can negatively impact water quality and system performance. Ensuring a reliable and efficient water supply involves implementing an effective cleaning and maintenance regime and strategic investment in a water tank replacement.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Upgrading to our compliant Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) water storage solutions aligns operations with regulatory standards.
  • Monetary Value: Despite the initial investment, the long-term benefits of water tank replacement outweigh the costs. GRP cold water storage tanks, known for durability and energy efficiency, lead to lower maintenance expenses and reduced operational costs.

Key Considerations for a Replacement Water Tank

  1. Consumption Analysis: Understanding water consumption patterns and demand fluctuations is crucial for commercial, industrial, or residential operations. Collaborate with consultants to determine the optimal tank capacity aligned with operational needs and growth projections. Modern capacity meter readings, reflecting water consumption patterns, are essential for appropriately sizing the water tank replacement.
  2. Tank Material: Opting for suitable materials like Tricel’s GRP water tanks ensures longevity and reliability. Tailor material choices to the specific requirements of your industry.
  3. Intelligent Systems: Incorporate the latest advancements in water storage technology, including intelligent monitoring systems and leak detection, to enhance overall infrastructure efficiency.
A sprinkler tank installed in a plant room
A water tank replacement installed in a plant room.

Preparation Steps Before a Water Tank Replacement

Before embarking on a water tank replacement, a comprehensive assessment is crucial. Thoroughly inspect the existing water tank for wear, corrosion, or structural damage to identify potential issues that may complicate replacement, impacting the durability of the new replacement tank. 

Addressing existing base arrangements is vital, primarily if a concrete floor is improperly constructed. Utilising base steels becomes essential to maintain the structural integrity of the water tank replacement.replacement water tank installation

Water tank sizing is part of the critical process before ordering a water tank replacement. Choosing a tank with adequate capacity ensures a sufficient water supply, while an oversized tank may lead to unnecessary expenses and space constraints. Accurate calculations based on water demand and usage patterns are essential for a successful water tank replacement.

Neglecting professional installation risks leaks or structural failures. Engage our highly skilled technicians to adhere to industry standards. Tricel, a leading manufacturer of GRP water storage tanks, offers water tank replacement for commercial, industrial, and residential applications, providing a 12-month warranty for supply and installation projects.

When to Replace your Water Storage Tank

The lifespan of your water storage tank depends on a lot of factors. Our GRP water storage tanks generally last between 15 and 20 years. However, several signs indicate it might be time for a replacement sooner. Find a few signs listed below:

  • Visible corrosion or rust – Check for rust or corrosion on the tank’s exterior or interior. This is a strong indicator that the tank is deteriorating. Unlike galvanised steel tanks, our GRP water storage tanks are corrosion-resistant.
  • Leaks or water damage – Any signs of leaks or water pooling around the tank suggest structural failure.
  • Reduced water quality: Noticeable changes in water colour, taste, or smell can signal contamination due to a failing tank. This is increasingly important for water tanks used for potable (drinking) water.
  • Age of the tank: Even if there are no obvious issues, if your tank is approaching or has surpassed 20 years, it’s wise to consider a replacement to avoid unexpected failures and disruptions to crucial systems. 

Supplying the Biggest Projects

With vast experience, we have completed various projects across different industries. No project is too big or complicated for us at Tricel. Every project is different, and we have installed GRP water tanks where space was restricted to a minimum and other structural factors were a concern.

Prolonging the Life Cycle of a Water Tank Replacement

Ensuring the longevity of the new water tank replacement involves regular cleaning according to the Approved Code of Practice (ACOP) L18. This compliance helps meet legal and regulatory duties concerning Legionella. Routine cleaning prevents sediment accumulation and microbial growth within the new water tank.

Maintenance, including periodic inspection for damage caused by foreign objects, is crucial for extending the tank’s lifespan. Our Hot Press GRP Sectional Tanks require minimal maintenance, with high-strength isophthalic-based polyester resin making them non-corrosive.

Monitoring ancillary items is essential. Ensuring correct alignment of ball valves, unblocked overflow pipes, and securely fitted access ladders prevents issues that could void the warranty. Leaning items against the tank or attaching additional equipment is discouraged, as it can lead to chargeable damages and voided warranties.

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