The Elvaro water pressure booster pump is a leading solution to solve problems of inconsistent and low water pressure. As a 2-in-1 water booster pump and tank system, Elvaro is a reliable space saving water pumping solution. 

Tired of low water pressure and poor and inconsistent flow in your house or business? The Elvaro water pressure booster pump and tank system is the perfect solution, able to increase water pressure for various domestic and high demand commercial applications. 

Whether you need to increase mains water pressure or pressurise your private water supply, Elvaro is the solution. Contact our Tricel Lanark team and order yours today.


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Elvaro T range

Elvaro-T Range

The Elvaro T is a combined water pressure booster pump and tank made to utilise all available water storage space in a restricted space. 

Elvaro B range

Elvaro-B Range

The Elvaro B is designed to minimise the space used up by the components of a similar installation where the tank is located alongside the pump set.

Water Pressure Booster Pump and Tank System

Elvaro is the ideal space-saving water pumping solution for water pressure boosting. The water pressure booster pump and tank system solves all issues of low water pressure for residential and commercial applications.

The water pressure pump is capable of automatically increasing the pressure in water pipes in any situation where pressure is required. When the pressure drops, the pump ensures that pressure and water are automatically boosted. The Elvaro Water Pressure Booster Pump and Tank is suitable for domestic and commercial applications. 

The variable speed pumps ensures the water system pipes last longer by removing the water hammer which is typical of fixed speed pumps. This also provides a reduction in energy consumption and is much quieter when the pumps are in operation. 

The compact design of the Elvaro water pressure booster pump and tank not only provides a space saving solution, but is an ideal replacement for an existing installation. Smaller units in the range can fit through standard doorways without having to be taken apart.

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Resolve low water pressure – ‘Plug and pump’

A standard factory configuration, meaning the system can resolve low water pressure issues and provide constant water pressure as soon as it is put into operation. Full WRAS approval of pump set in process.

Simple Operation

The system is operated directly from the pump VSDs (Variable Speed Drives) mounted on top (T range) or beneath (B range) the tank. Adjustment can be made to the control features from the VSDs if required.

Intelligent Variable Speed Control

Depending on whether there is high or low water demand the Elvaro pumps automatically cycle on/off or ramp up/down saving on energy costs and deliver optimum performance levels at all times.

The Latest Water Pumping Solution to Boost your water pressure

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