CAT 5 Break Tanks


Break tanksprevent any backflow into the water system thanks to their design. The tank is closed and fitted with an air gap. The design of the CAT 5 Break Tanks stops the main water supply from being contaminated, protecting potable water used for domestic or commercial purposes.

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Category 5 Break Tanks

Category 5 (CAT 5) is also a type of break tank as AB Airgap is used to stop any backflow. As a water storage solutions expert, Tricel continuously stays up-to-date with water regulations by providing water solutions that enable customers to store and maintain a clean, potable water supply.  

What is CAT 5 Water Used For?

Our CAT 5 break tanks provide backflow protection for fluid category 5 risks, a serious health hazard. There is a large concentration of pathogenic organisms and unwanted elements in these fluids, such as faecal matter, human waste, animal waste or pathogens from other sources.

An insulated CAT 5 Tank is required where the break tank is installed in locations such as plant rooms or outside in sunlight where the water could be at risk of legionella.

top part of a break tank

Preventing Water Contamination Using CAT 5 Break Tanks

The air gap fitted onto CAT 5 break tanks is critical to ensuring no water can flow back into the clean water supply reducing any chances of the main supply of potable water being contaminated. These tanks are usually installed in systems requiring water booster pumps to supply the system when the mains supply is insufficient. 

Key Features and Benefits of Break Tanks

  • Standard or bespoke options available 
  • Suitable for domestic and commercial use 
  • Fully self-draining & pre-insulated tanks are available 
  • All Break Tanks comply with all relevant British Standards and Water Regulations 
  • All materials used have been approved by WRAS(Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) 
  • Virtually ZERO maintenance required 
  • Full range of connections/ancillary items available 
  • All supplied within the scope of our BS EN ISO 9002 1994 Quality Assurance Registration 
  • Less sensitive to power outages 
  • Low cost over the lifespan of the tank 
CAT 5 Break Tank with booster pump
A Tricel CAT 5 break tank

Uses For CAT 5 Break Tanks

  • Urinals 
  • Laboratories 
  • Drain cleaning plants 
  • Industrial cisterns and bin 
  • Chemical cleaners/contractors
  • Butchery and meat trades
  • Laboratories 
  • Vegetable washing 
  • Hospital dialysis machines 
  • Bedpan washers 
  • Dishwashing machines in healthcare facilities 

Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999 in England and Wales and Scottish Water Byelaws state that any water tanks connected to a main water supply must comply with UK water fitting regulations, making CAT 5 break tanks the appropriate solution. 

AB Airgap & Overflow 

A backflow prevention component of water fittings complying with Type AA, except that the air gap is the vertical distance from the lowest point of the discharge orifice, which discharges into the receptacle, to the critical water level of the rectangular weir overflow. 

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