City Water Tanks


Tricel Weston’s range of city water tanks is the perfect water storage solution for city projects and developments with limited available space and access. City development projects could have restricted spaces for tank builds in the plantroom, roof or attic spaces.

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Benefits of TIF Tanks in City Development Projects

City water tanks are a reliable water storage tank is essential in city developments for day-to-day activities to go smoothly and for commercial processes to run efficiently. Installing a TIF Tank has further benefits it provides for city development projects where a water storage tank is essential:

  • Minimal space required (installed at wall or corner)
  • Maximise floor space
  • Palletised for easy transportation and delivery
  • Quick assembly timelines
  • Capable of storing large volumes of water
  • Bespoke solutions available to meet specific space requirements
  • Customisable shape configurations to bypass any obstruction in the plantroom
  • Insulated and non-insulated water tank options
  • Replacement tanks available and refurbishment
TIF tank installation

City Water Tank Options

Uninsulated Water Storage Tanks

Generally, uninsulated TIF tanks would store grey water or water unsuitable for domestic use and human consumption. This grey water is typically used in industrial and manufacturing processes. Range of applications where grey water can be stored in a TIF tank:

  • Industrial plants
  • Industrial processes
  • Production facilities
  • Heat & power plants

Insulated Water Storage Tanks

Each insulated water storage tank manufactured by Tricel Weston to store potable water is WRAS-approved. This means the water is safe for human consumption. An insulated city water tank can be installed in an apartment building for domestic applications, and it can also be used for commercial applications.

Water Tank Installation

CIty Hotel

Location: Four Seasons Hotel at Park Lane, London
Tank Dimensions: 2.5m x 1.5m x 1m
Type of City Water Tank: HLU TIF Tank

Project Team: Tricel Lanark

The city water tank was installed in an alcove archway under the pavement in London city centre. The pavement above the water tank is used daily by pedestrians.

There was limited space for the water tank, but the hotel needed to maximise its water storage capacity. This meant that a HLU TIF tank was the preferred solution as it would allow our expert site crew to assemble the water tank against three walls, as access for a TIF tank is only needed on one side.

TIF tank installation in a tight space

City Housing

Location: Edinburgh
Tank Dimensions: 1.7m x 0.7m x 1.7m
Type of City Water Tank: TIF Tank

Project Team: Tricel Lanark

An existing water tank located in a city housing in Edinburgh within the roof needed to be replaced by a tank with similar dimensions. The city water tank had to fit in that tight space because no other space was available on site. Our expert crew completed the installation of the new 1,770 litre TIF tank. Adequate space (500mm) was left above the tank for maintenance to be carried out.

This project was complex, but our experienced team met the client’s needs by building the city water tank in a restricted space. All panels and connections were brought up through a narrow access hatch.

Before picture of a TIF Tank
tif tank installation used as water tank for loft spaces
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