Cube Tank


A Cube Tank is an ideal solution for projects in plant rooms with restricted access. Every cube tank manufactured by Tricel is made to European Standards and are WRAS Approved.

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We are a leading brand within the UK, with a track record of providing high-quality products and completing projects to the highest standards. Thanks to our extensive experience in the market we have the production and personnel required to meet the needs of our customers.

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The tank is internally flanged, can be easily transported on one pallet, and can be placed up against a wall on three sides.

Cube tank with a lid

Features And Benefits

  • Self assembly 
  • Easier access to restricted spaces
  • Built up against a wall on three sides
  • Easy transportation
  • WRAS approved
  • Ideal for pairing with a booster set
  • Can be set on a flat base or steel frame
  • No drawing mark-up required
  • Standard inlet and outlet recesses
  • Useful in city developments
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