Fire Fighting Water Tanks


Fire Fighting Water Tanks are designed to protect lives and property from the destructive nature of fires. Tricel has extensive experience manufacturing and supplying GRP Fire Fighting Water Tanks across the UK.

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Commercial Fire Water Tanks

Our range of fire water tanks are designed to support your fire safety systems by storing an emergency water supply. This water supply can be used to feed automatic sprinkler systems in your residential or commercial buildings. Tricel uses GRP material to manufacture all fire water tanks ensuring their longevity and reliability. GRP is a corrosion free material and with that our water tanks will require minimal maintenance.

Fire fighting water tank

Calculating the Capacity of Fire Water Tanks

We have a Sprinkler Tank Calculator developed to help customers get the right tank size for their project. Try our easy-to-use calculator tool to get an accurate sizing for your fire fighting water tanks and a drawing you can use to get a quote from our sales teams.

Fire Water Storage Tanks

Fire fighting water tank

Misting Water Tanks

Fire fighting water tank

Fire Suppression Systems

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