Sectional tanks are ideal for holding large volumes of water and are suited for internal and external applications, as they can withstand harsh weather conditions.

With extensive industry experience and a reputation for delivering high quality water storage solutions, Tricel offers a wide range of sectional water tanks which are delivered to site palletised and assembled by our expert site crews.

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Hot-Press Sectional Water Tanks

Our hot-press moulded sectional tanks are designed in modular format and are made up of 1m GRP panels and strict quality control measures are in place when panels are being moulded. Tricel manufactures WRAS Approved sectional tanks that are compliant with British Standards. This makes our GRP sectional tanks suitable for potable water storage as they are designed to prevent legionella from breeding in the water supply.

As a specialist manufacturer and supplier of GRP sectional water tanks we have a proven track record in completing projects to the highest quality and satisfaction of our customers. Whether it’s a water tank replacement or a new build, we have the experience, flexibility and expertise to meet your project demands. 

We manufacture four types of sectional water tanks using hot press and hand laid production methods. Customers can get free site surveys subject to location.

Our highly skilled teams have experience assembling tanks across the UK and manufacturing and supplying for the export market.

sectional tank with externally flanged base

Supplying the Biggest Projects

With vast experience, we have completed various projects across different industries. No project is too big or complicated for us at Tricel. Every project is different, and we have installed GRP sectional water tanks where space was restricted to a minimum and other structural factors were a concern.

Sectional Tank BASE Options

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Sectional Water Tank Features

grp sectional water tank

GRP Sectional Tank Clearance Requirements

For all information regarding the clearance requirements for our sectional water tanks click the images below.

Types of GRP Sectional Water Tanks

Externally Flanged Base

Externally Flanged Base (EFB) tanks are manufactured specifically for areas without a space restriction. They are built on raised supports and have fully self-draining bases which is ideal for maintaining and cleaning the tank.

technical drawing of an externally flanged sectional tank

Internally Flanged Base

Internally flanged base (IFB) tanks are most suited for areas where the height or headroom is restricted. They can be built on a flat base or levelled steel beams to support the full weight of the tank.

IFB Sectional water tank technical drawing

Totally Internally Flanged (TIF)

TIF tanks are the perfect solution for applications requiring maximum water capacity within a plant room that has limited space or access. They are designed specific to the customer’s site and capacity requirements. Our NSF Regulation 4(1)a Approved TIF tanks have the same benefits as the IFB and EFB tanks but they are installed from within the tank to make the most of the limited space inside the tank room. 

Tricel Weston TIF Tank
GRP sectional tank sitting on base steelssectional tank drawing
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