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An incorrectly plumbed or poorly managed overflow pipe can result in your plantroom being flooded resulting in expensive water damage repairs. If an overflow pipe is not plumbed away to a separate location such as a gully this can lead to unrecoverable damage and issues going unnoticed for a long time.

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How an Overflow and Warning Pipe Works

An overflow pipe or warning pipe alerts you of rising water levels in your water storage tank which would mean there is an issue that needs to be addressed with the inlet or other connections.

Water levels that continue to rise in a water storage tank with a faulty overflow pipe will result in the plantroom flooding potentially causing extensive floor and structural damage. An overflow pipe has to be piped to a gully or bunded area to take that excess overflow water. A leaking overflow pipe requires immediate attention and this issue should be brought to the attention of our specialist teams who will conduct a site survey to determine the next steps. ATCM also outlines the ideal design parameters for your overflow and warning pipe fittings.

Overflow and Warning Pipe Guidelines

A ‘warning pipe’ is an overflow pipe with its inlet positioned in the cistern at a specific height that it will begin to flow before the main overflow starts operating. The outlet of an overflow pipe is positioned where it is easy for the excess water to be discharged.

Source: WRAS 

It is recommended for warning pipes to discharge outside of the building but this is not always possible given the complex designs of some plantrooms. The Water Regulations guide highlights examples of appropriate ways and areas for an overflow pipe to discharge.

Source: Water Regulations UK Guide

The Water Regulations UK guide will have more information on recommended best practices for plumbing and managing overflow and warning pipes. Tricel is a specialist manufacturer of GRP water storage tanks suitable for a wide range of applications. Contact our expert sales teams for a quote or more information. Click here to view our extensive range of water storage solutions.

Recommended reading & installation guidelines

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