Commercial Water Storage Tanks


Commercial water storage tanks are large water tanks designed to store water for various commercial and industrial applications. These tanks are essential in agriculture, manufacturing, fire protection, and municipal water supply.

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Commercial Water Storage

In today’s world, where water scarcity and management are critical issues, commercial water storage tanks play an important role in ensuring a reliable water supply. They help water management during emergencies and support various commercial processes.

For your commercial water tank projects, it is likely you will require a large water tank. As a market leader in manufacturing, supplying, and exporting GRP water storage tanks, Tricel Weston specialises in commercial sectional water tanks ranging from 1,000 to 2,000,000 litres. Our one-piece tank sizes range from 45 to 16,000 litres, and for projects requiring unique designs or specific holding capacities, Tricel Weston offers bespoke water tanks to meet any project requirement, regardless of size. We deliver water tanks directly to locations throughout the UK.

Exporting Commercial Water Storage Tanks

In recent years, Tricel Weston has expanded its reach, supplying water tanks from the UK to numerous countries worldwide for commercial projects. Our global destinations include Nigeria, Croatia, Iraq, Luxembourg, the Ascension Islands, Italy, Ghana, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Barbados, Gibraltar, and Azerbaijan.

Importing water tanks directly from us ensures the highest quality standards. All our tanks are Regulation 4(1)a Approved and fully certified to British Standards. Our dedicated import team manages all export/import documentation and shipping logistics, ensuring your commercial water storage tank arrives on-site within your project deadlines.

We offer our clients enhanced control over project timelines by providing optional water tank assembly services and training. Our training courses range from tank assembly to installation supervisor services, allowing you to maintain control over your project’s schedule. Additionally, our GRP water tanks provide a durable solution for cold water storage, capable of withstanding heavy impacts, weather conditions, and significant loads, making them the ideal choice for the commercial industry.

For the highest quality and most reliable water storage solutions, trust Tricel Weston always to deliver high-quality water storage solutions.

A water tank replacement installed in a plant room.
A sprinkler tank installed in a plant room

Examples of Commercial Water Storage Tank Applications

Here are examples of where Tricel Weston GRP water tanks are used in commercial applications: settings:

  1. Industrial buildings
  2. General commercial buildings
  3. Schools, colleges and universities
  4. Hospitals and other health facilities
  5. Household units, retirement and care facilities
  6. Hotels
  7. Data Centres
  8. Recycling facilities
  9. Local council buildings and depots
  10. Defence facilities
  11. Agricultural buildings for framing livestock
  12. Automotive industry
  13. Construction industry
  14. FMGC Industries
  15. Football stadiums

Supplying the Biggest Projects

With vast experience, we have completed various projects across different commercial businesses. No project is too big or complicated for us at Tricel. Every project is different, and we have installed GRP sectional water tanks where space was restricted to a minimum and other structural factors were a concern.

Common Issues with Commercial Water Storage Tanks

  • Leaks and Seepage

Cracks in fibreglass tanks can compromise their integrity and lead to leaks and contamination. Leaks and seepage are common signs of a malfunctioning water storage tank, which can lead to significant water loss and contamination. Our GRP water tanks are robust and made to last requiring minimal maintenance. We have a dedicated aftersales team for any tank related issues.

  • Rust and Corrosion

Rust and corrosion are issues found in steel tanks, and indicate potential structural weakness and the risk of water contamination. Our GRP manufactured commercial water storage tanks are corrosion-resistant.

  • Foul Odours and Discoloration

Foul odours and discolouration of stored water are signs of contamination, often due to bacteria or chemical reactions within the tank. Algae can grow in water tanks exposed to sunlight, leading to contamination and potential health risks. Bacterial contamination, such as E. coli or Legionella, can breed in poorly maintained tanks, posing severe health risks.

  • Regular Maintenance Schedule

Implementing a regular maintenance schedule, including inspections and cleaning, is crucial for the longevity and functionality of water storage tanks. Proper maintenance helps avoid unforeseen and unplanned water tank replacements. Read the ACOP L8 guidelines which highlight the duties for good maintenance practices.

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