Water Tank Installation Guidelines


Tricel is a specialist manufacturer and supplier of GRP Water Tanks, with extensive technical expertise to help produce market-leading water storage solutions. Our water tank installation guidelines will assist you with tank assembly options and sectional tank clearance requirements.

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Sectional Tank Clearance

Internally Flanged Base Tanks

  • A minimum headroom clearance of 750mm is required to ensure the hinged access hatch works appropriately. Adjustments can be made according to WRAS guidelines, which allow the headroom space to be reduced to 500mm only if a lift-off access hatch is fitted. The regulations are put in place to ensure safe access to the tank.
  • A height clearance of 1200mm above sectional tanks is required if external ladders or guardrails are fitted.

Around the water tank:

  • Sectional tanks that are up to 2m high require internal dimensions of a minimum 500mm.
  • 800mm from internal dimensions is necessary for sectional tanks with a 2.5m to 3m height.
  • Ideally, 1m clearance from internal dimensions is required for sectional tanks at 3.5m to 4m high.
General water tank installation

Totally Internally Flanged (TIF) Tanks

Like Internally Flanged Base Tanks, WRAS guidelines state that clearance above a TIF tank must be at least 780mm for a hinged access hatch to operate correctly. Clearance space can be reduced to 500mm if a lift-off access hatch is fitted. This ensures that maintenance crews can safely access the tank. TIF tanks must have a height clearance of 1200mm above them where hooped external ladders and guardrails are fitted.

Where connections and pipework are located, there has to be at least 500mm from external dimensions on that side, whilst clearance of 50mm from external tank dimensions is required on the other three sides.

A TIF tank can be assembled directly on a flat surface such as a plantroom floor, with the only condition being that the surface does not vary more than 2mm in any 1m or a total 6mm in any 6m laterally or diagonally. The base structure must be capable of supporting the full weight of the water tank and be sufficient to bear the excess load applied by wind or snow.

TIF Tank Clearance Requirements
TIF Tank with self draining base
tif tank installation
Sectional Tank Clearance Illustration

An illustration highlighting the available space requirements and 500mm minimum headroom clearance of a standard 2m high sectional tank.



Water Tank Installation

Given our decades of experience in the industry providing high-quality GRP water storage tanks and the many successful projects we have completed across the UK and internationally, we offer customers different tank assembly options. For our International customers with resources and experience with self-assembly, Tricel Weston can do a supply-only service for them and provide detailed installation instructions. Another option is having the water tanks supplied and assembled by our expert crews:

Complete Water tank assembly

We have experienced teams we send out to assemble the water tank on-site, and detailed guidelines, including information on base requirements, are given before assembly begins. Once the base complies with the WRAS regulations, the installation can proceed.

Supervised tank assembly

Tricel Weston can send a specialist and highly experienced supervisor to liaise with the local crew, instructing them and supervising the water tank installation. This ensures the water tank is correctly installed and complies with full warranty instructions.

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