The National University of Edinburgh

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June, 2020



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Water Tank Dimensions & Capacity

2x1x1.5 Metres        Nominal capacity 3000L

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Tricel Lanark

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Upgrading Water Storage: From Leaky Concrete to Reliable Potable & Non-Potable Solution

The National University of Edinburgh was founded in 1582 and is the sixth oldest university in England. The University comprises of 5 main campuses in the city including the Neuroscience department which is one of the largest in Europe.

Our team were asked to attend the site of the Universities Neuroscience building to review the current water storage supply for the building. Concrete water storage tanks were located on the roof of the building & were proving to be an issue with ongoing leaks.

The team was asked to conduct a site visit & suggest an alternative method of storing & supplying water to the Neuroscience building.


Our external sales team met on site and recommended installing a ground floor tank with booster set which was both easier to access and service. We assessed an old storage room which in terms of space & location would comfortably fit all components required, access to the mains supply was also available which the client could connect the tank to. The booster set pumps the water to the top floor and then gravity feeds the supply throughout the building.



The result? We delivered a 2x1x1.5m externally flanged sectional GRP tank, accompanied by a packaged variable-speed booster set. This innovative water storage solution now caters to both potable and non-potable water needs for the Neuroscience building, effectively resolving the issues posed by the leaking concrete tank.

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