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Tricel is a specialist manufacturer and supplier of Water Storage Tanks within the UK with extensive experience within the industry, producing only high-quality GRP solutions. Water Storage Tanks are essential for storing small to large volumes of water for various domestic, industrial and commercial applications.

Among these water tanks’ many uses are fire suppression, day-to-day activities, and human consumption. Our article highlights the different water storage tanks we have available at Tricel and the different purposes they are used for. We will discuss the various successful projects we have had installing these tanks nationwide.

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Water Storage Tanks For Sale

Our range of water tanks for sale are manufactured using GRP material, increasing the tanks’ longevity. GRP water tanks are reliable and durable, making them the ideal solution for storing potable water for domestic or commercial use. We manufacture and supply a wide range of water tanks for sale to meet the different needs of our customers:

Sectional Tanks

It is ideal for storing large volumes of water, especially for large-scale residential units commercial and industrial applications. Depending on the customer’s intended use, our sectional tanks can hold potable and non-potable water.

GRP sectional tanks are built to endure harsh weather conditions that would typically damage other traditional options, such as steel and aluminium water tanks. Our water storage tanks are palletised and delivered to the site, and our expert site crews assemble the tank on-site.

Sprinkler Tanks

These sectional tanks are designed to form part of your fire protection system. Tricel Weston manufactures LPCB Approved Sprinkler Tanks. The LPCB Approval means that our sprinkler tanks meet the strictest safety standards, making them the best and safest water storage tank to help you fight fires.

TIF Tanks

This tank is designed for areas such as plant rooms with restricted spaces whilst maximising the water storage capacity of the tank. If you have limited floor space, this is the solution for you. Unlike the other internally or externally flanged base options, TIF tanks are buildable from the inside.

One Piece Tanks

Our GRP one piece tanks are ideal for domestic or commercial applications. Each Tricel water storage tank is WRAS Approved and manufactured to British Standards. Customers can choose a pre-insulated or non-insulated one piece tank, which we supply with the complete range of connections and ancillaries.

Combined Tank and Pump Station (CTPS)

This 2-in-1 water storage solution works as a water tank and has a reasonable space for tank ancillaries, water pumps, electrical equipment, and connections. Tricel Lanark’s CTPS is an economical water storage solution suitable for internal and external applications. It saves space and prevents you from altering your plant room to accommodate a separate water storage tank and housing for the water tank ancillaries.

One piece tanks

Supplying the Biggest Projects

With vast experience, we have completed various projects across different industries. No project is too big or complicated for us at Tricel. Every project is different, and we have installed GRP water tanks where space was restricted to a minimum and other structural factors were a concern.

Water Storage Tank Installation

Tricel has expert site crews that will carry out the installation of your water storage tank. With our extensive experience and know-how from completing high-quality projects across the UK and internationally, no project is too big or complex for us.

We have water tank installation guidelines designed to help our customers know the different requirements and sectional tank clearance guidelines.

Sizing cold water storage tanks

Knowing the volume of water required before looking for quotes is critical. The volume, capacity or size of the cold water storage tank will depend on the usage and demand and to accommodate for potential emergencies. These factors will assist you in sizing cold water storage tanks. The contractor or engineer will normally work this out for you, depending on what the water storage tank will be used for.

However, we have an easy-to-use calculator tool that will help you get an accurate size for your one piece tank or sectional tank. We have a wet riser and sprinkler tank calculator tool for those looking to size a sprinkler tank.

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