Water Tank Sizes


No matter the size of the project, Tricel has the solution for you. Our range of water storage tanks can store 45 litres and over 1 million litres. Water tank sizes will help you plan your project accordingly, and if you require a bespoke size, contact our specialist sales team, who will be happy to advise you on the best water storage solution to meet your requirements.

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Cold Water Storage Tank Sizes

Our water tank sizes vary from one piece tanks to sectional tanks. All water storage tanks are WRAS-Approved. Each water tank can come standard or pre-insulated for storing potable water.

One Piece Water Tank Sizes

Tricel has been manufacturing one piece tanks for over 50 years, offering a durable and easy-to-maintain solution suitable for domestic and commercial applications. Our water tank sizes guide outlines all the one piece tank specifications:

• Volume in litres
• External dimensions
• Internal dimensions
• Weight of the tank
• Tank model reference number

One piece tanks

Sectional Water Tank Sizes

Tricel Weston uses two moulding techniques for their sectional tanks; Single Face Contact Moulding (SFCM) and Hot Press Moulding (HPM) to manufacture the sectional panels. The method used depends on customer and site requirements. However, both techniques adhere to current British Standards, and are covered by our quality control procedures.

Tricel Lanark use the Hand Laid Up (HLU) and Hot Press Moulding (HPM) methods for their sectional panels and similar to Tricel Weston, all methods are compliant with the British Standards and monitored by our quality control teams.

A sectional tank

What size water tank do I need?

It is essential to know the water tank size you need. Tricel is a specialist manufacturer and supplier of GRP water tanks with various benefits, from low maintenance requirements, long-lasting solutions, and easy transportation. We stock a range of standard GRP water storage tanks that come pre-insulated with 25mm insulation, and a float valve housing can be included at the customer’s request. Stock tanks can be delivered within 2-3 working days. Please note that stock tanks are supplied undrilled with recess positions. Recess provisions are the areas suitable for drilling and fitting connections.

Customers looking for specific, bespoke sizing can contact our sales team, who will assist in sizing and designing a custom water tank to meet your requirements.

We have a water tank size calculator to help if you need clarification on the water tank size you need to be quoted for. Our water tank size calculator allows you to enter the desired amount of water (litres) and any weight and space restrictions. A tank drawing will be generated from the details you provide.

water tank calculator tool
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