Domestic Water Storage Tanks


Maintaining a reliable water supply in our homes requires a domestic water storage tank. Essential for storing water for potable use and daily activities, these water tanks are particularly crucial in areas where access to clean and safe water may be limited.

Tricel Weston offers a comprehensive range of water tanks suited for domestic use, including one-piece tanks, two-part tanks, and sectional tanks. This article highlights the different options available.

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Why Domestic Water Storage Tanks Are Essential?

  • Potable Water Supply

In many parts of the UK, the quality of the municipal water supply may not always meet the desired standards. Domestic water storage tanks act as a buffer, enabling property owners to store water that is safe for human consumption.

  • Emergency Situations

Various emergencies can disrupt the water supply for extended periods. Having a domestic water storage tank ensures households have access to water during such times, reducing dependence on external sources.

Which type of Water Tank is the best for domestic use?

  • One Piece Tanks

One piece tanks cater to a wide range of domestic needs. With capacities ranging from 45 litres to 16,000 litres, we offer bespoke solutions to fit specific space requirements. A full range of connections and ancillary items is available, including level switches, tank lids, and ball valves. CAT5 options are also available, installed with AB or AF air gaps.

We offer next-day delivery on select tanks ordered before 12pm. T&Cs apply.

  • Two Part Tanks

Our two part tanks are ideal for areas with restricted access, as they can be easily and quickly assembled. These tanks consist of two sections and a cover, maximising storage without occupying much floor space. Capacities range from 272 litres to over 5,690 litres, making them versatile for various uses since they can be dismantled and reused.

  • Sectional Tanks

Typically used for storing large volumes of water in commercial settings, sectional tanks are also available in smaller sizes for residential properties. Starting from dimensions of 1x1x1m, these tanks are ideal for storing potable water for apartments and similar applications. Delivered palletised and assembled on-site by our expert crews, sectional tanks are resistant to bacterial growth and suitable for harsh weather conditions when placed outdoors.

How to Choose a Domestic Water Storage Tank

  • Water Tank Capacity

The tank size should align with the property’s water consumption needs. Consider factors such as the number of occupants and average water usage to determine the appropriate capacity.

What size water tank is best for your home?

BS6700 has recommendations that help with sizing the appropriate domestic water storage tank:

  1. Storage capacity for small homes – only cold water fittings – 100-150 litres.
  2. Storage capacity for small homes – supplying hot and cold outlets – 200-300 litres.
  3. Storage capacity for larger homes – 100 litres per bedroom.one piece tank used as a water tank for loft
  • Material

Different materials provide varying levels of durability, resistance to corrosion, and suitability for specific conditions. Consider the water quality required (potable or non-potable), and budget when selecting the tank material.

  • Durability

A durable domestic water storage tank must withstand external pressures, temperature fluctuations, and chemical exposure without compromising its integrity. Investing in our high-quality GRP water tanks ensures long-term reliability.

Maintenance of Domestic Water Storage Tanks

  • Regular Cleaning Schedules

Routine cleaning prevents the buildup of sediment, algae, and bacteria inside the tank, ensuring water quality remains high. Cleaning frequency may vary based on usage and environmental factors. The Approved Code of Practice (ACOP) L8 helps comply with legal and regulatory duties concerning Legionella, emphasising regular cleaning to prevent microbial growth inside the water tank.

  • Water Tank Inspection

Periodic inspections enable homeowners to identify any signs of damage, leaks, or wear and tear early on. Prompt repairs or maintenance can extend the tank’s lifespan and prevent costly issues. Ensure ball valves are aligned correctly, overflow pipes are not blocked, and no items are leaning against the tank.

  • Water Tank Replacement/Repair

Addressing minor issues promptly can prevent them from escalating into major problems. Whether it’s repairing cracks, replacing seals, or upgrading components, regular maintenance ensures optimal tank performance, reducing the likelihood of an unplanned and costly water tank replacement.

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