Gramercy Towers, TIF Tank Installation

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July 2023



Industry Sector

Office Building

Water Tank Dimensions & Capacity

1 no twin compartment C-shaped TIF Tank for a wet riser system and 1 no rectangular TIF Tank. Both tanks were supplied with base levelling steels.

9.5m x 5m x 2m with 2.5m x 1m x 2m section removed to build around a column producing an effective capacity of 64,980 Litres

5m x 2m x 2m TIF Tank with 15,243 Litres Actual Useable Capacity

Project Delivered By

Tricel Lanark

Tricel Solution

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Restricted Space In The Plant Room

The plantroom sketch provided made it prudent for the team to carry out numerous site measurements because it was clear that navigating around those columns was going to be a tricky task. Installing a water storage tank in a plantroom with such limited space and obstructions could result in the customer being unable to achieve the desired water capacity.

There was a column 1/3 of the way along the wall and our team needed to come up with a solution to work around the column without losing a large volume of water storage capacity. Lee and our expert team opted to  install a C-shaped TIF Tank to ensure the client gets their intended capacity stored in the water storage tank.


Given the limited space in the plantroom, and the columns that were in the way our team met with the client, H20 Building Services Ltd after site measurements were carried out to discuss the options we had. It was decided to go for a C-shaped TIF Tank to wrap around the column and use the remaining wall space to fill with the tank. We come out as far from the wall as we could which still allowed for space for install, maintenance and pipework.

As you can see from the finished installation pictures below, we maximised the amount of water storage from a complex plantroom space and the water tank was a very tight but tidy fit in the room. TIF Tanks are ideal water storage solution for projects where the plantroom space is very limited.


The Installation of a C-shaped TIF Tank, allowing us to optimise water storage capacity within the limited, obstacle-filled space.

TIF tank installation
TIF tank installed in a tight space
TIF tank installed around a pillar
TIF tank installed around a pillar in a tight plant room
TIF tank installation
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